Small Group Ministry

We were made to be connected to God, to each other, and to the world! But so many times, we encounter gaps between us. We need bridges to be built in these gaps. Bridges exist to allow movement from one place to another — they connect us. And the best way to do this, as a Christian Community, is through small groups. We could just form small groups and tell you all what to talk about. But we believe that if you are doing what you love to do, you will do it with much more passion, and you will invite more people to participate. We are beginning to encourage each other to start small groups around whatever passion God has placed on our hearts. We are calling this the "Open Access" approach to small groups — ANYONE CAN START A SMALL GROUP AROUND ANY TOPIC. Small Groups are a part of our DNA. Whenever the Church really began to grow, in the first couple of centuries, Christians were meeting in homes and small groups. Whenever the Methodist movement began to grow, in the 1700s, it was largely because everyone was in small groups. We believe that small groups are the most effective way to allow God to grow the Church, through us.

How To Join A Small Group

Look at the Small Group Catalog and then contact the leader of the group you are interested in, to make sure that the information is correct. Also, you may contact the Church office at 252.726.7102 to leave a message, asking for more information from a group leader.

When To Join

Our Open Access Small Groups will operate on a semester schedule. So, they will be in the Spring (Jan/Feb—May), Summer (June—Aug), and Fall (Sept—Nov). You can join a group at any time, unless that group is at full capacity. You can look at the available groups in the catalog, linked above. 

Be A Group Leader

You can either start a small group or join one that is already started. If you choose to start a small group, you will need to contact one of our pastors. You will then be invited to share about the small group you want to start and also get to come to our next Small Group Leader's Conference. A great way to become a group leader is to learn from a group leader, in a small group. 


Grief Ministry


When you are grieving and feel the need for more help: Call the church office (726 7102) and leave a message for the Lay Shepherd Grief Support